Spiritual Leadership 101

We reproduce after our own kind. Everything starts with a seed, A seed has the potential to live or die. When placed in an enviorment that is conducive of it's growth and developement it can be all it can an will be. Potential, if not given the oppotunity to be growmed or nurtured, is just that, a potential. This course allows every potential to grow and develope into it's original state or what it was originally designed to be. The guidelines and steps to your growth and developement is in this course of Spiritual Leadership 101. Why do we call it Spiritual Leadership 101? because the number 1 represents the beginning. In order to get to the top, you must start at the bottom. Sometimes the fundamental, simply things are overlooked in leadership. These are what we call the embreo stage of learning. We must go back to the basis so we can grasp the core values of great leadership. Being an awsonme follower is key to understanding how to advance to great leadership. Welcome to this course and the first step to your leadership empowerment.

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