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One of the most important and useful educational tools that Edueca offers is the possibility of creating your own Webinars with your students; a fast and interactive way to learn and get in contact with your students, present your course, or offer a lesson in a synchronous way.

In Edueca you can create one or several Webinar sessions; we will take care of notifying your students (sending reminder messages), you only need to create the event and you won't have to worry about anything else.

I'm sure you're looking forward to trying it now but... do you know how to create your first Webinar? do you have any questions? Here we'll show you how. Just follow a few simple steps.

1- Before creating your first Webinar, make sure that all the people you want to attend are already registered for the course. Well, all those who are not in your course or have not accepted your invitation will not receive any email.

2- Go to the configuration (this is the administration section) of your course, and in the menu on the left, at the end of the list appears a section called: Webinar, click on it.

3- If your students are from different countries, they may have different time zones; if you have already indicated the time zone you wanted when you were asked, you should not worry about anything and you can move on to the next step. In case you do not indicate it or want to change it, click on the "Define time zone" button, choose the time zone you are in and save the changes.

4- Now you will see a table that shows the next days and hours. Choose the day and time range in which you want your Webinar to take place. Remember that Webinars can only have a maximum duration of 2 hours, if you try to enter a range of hours that exceeds what is allowed, you will not be allowed to save the appointment. Click and drag the start time to set the end time.

5- When you have selected the date in the calendar, a small box will appear, where you must enter the name of the Webinar (this is the title that your students will also receive). And then, click on save.


How will my students know that I have created a Webinar?

It is really easy, we'll let them know for you. Immediately after you have created the appointment for the Webinar, students who are enrolled in your course will receive an email announcing the appointment with the date and time it will take place.

Your students will receive an email 24 hours before the Webinar takes place as well as 2 hours before it starts. The emails will be sent as a reminder to students to keep the date in mind. You will also receive this email.

And finally, 10 minutes before the Webinar starts, your students will receive an email with the link they need to click to enter the room. You will also receive an email, in which you will find a code. When you enter the room, you will need to click on "Assume moderation". You will need to enter this code in order to have control over the Webinar.

Creating a Webinar is quick and easy, so take advantage of these opportunities and make your course an enviable way to learn.