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A world of possibilities to create your own online environment


Here you can find an example center


Your organization, your domain, your logo

On a campus, you can have your own domain as: we can also help you to configure your server, so you could have a domain as

Your messages

Emails from Edueca are sent from (as announcements, messages, etc), if you accept, we can make the sender to be you:

Your corporate

Logo and colors can be updated to fit your communication needs.


Your students can ben enrolled to your course by requesting it (that is moderated), but if you wish, you can invite them to your organisation. We accept also you enroll all of them automatically


It is also possible to offer a credit card registration payment, so your learners will pay a subscription


Upon your request, we can exchange data (people registered, accounting). We accept OAuth2 protocol so your students can login in your institution and not login again in Edueca. We can design an API based on your needs.

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We can issue certificates in your name. Send us your template and we will deliver it to your learners

Completion criteria

You decide under which circumstances a course is completed: when a student reaches a certain number of hours, if he/she pass the questionnaires, or only if you decide (not automatically)

We validate the certificate

Edueca is developed by CIDET (Centre for the Innovation and Development of Education and Technology) and we can audit that the certificate is issued correctly and it valid.

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