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Learning units, and contet

We offer you to organize your course in learning units (or modules or chapter, the name here is not important). Each of that unit, contains what is a single piece of training, that includes PDFs, Words, PPT, Videos, Questionnaires, Text, etc. Also, learners will be able to download text in PDF to learn offline.

Organization in 3 levels

Usually most trainers need only 1 level: that would be lesson 1, lesson 2 ... and in each of that lesson you can put the content (videos, text, questionnaires, forums etc), but if you need to have sub-sections, as 1.1, 1.2, up to three levels: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, you can make that way in Edueca

Also your lessons can be open or close depending on how you configure them, or if you already know the planing, you can put a date so the lesson will open automatically.

On open courses, when there is not a timetable, you can put that lessons open after certain time of the student registration, of if you wish, after a completion of a questionnaire.

Never lost

The index, makes easy the student do not get lost and we show icons (closed, last visited, completed) so students can know also where they are.


Everybody can add and organize their knowledge in their Library. For example, if a student finds something interesting, or would like to bookmark a lesson, he/she can include any piece of information in his/her personal learning environment (PLE)


The Community is like a social network, but with the purpose of linking classmates, the trainer and pieces of knowledge.


The trainer will be able to send messages to the learners in the Community, being now also possible to be bidirectional, with feedback or to provide tutorship.

We designed Edueca easy

While tried to make Edueca powerful we always tried to keep it simple. Easy to see buttons, text, helping system, Tutorials point...

W3C - AA accessibility level

We designed Edueca to be as easy to use as possible by trainers and learners. Our environment passes the AA requirement. Now it is easier to be used by disabled

You can also make the font bigger and smaller according to your needs.

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